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Why healthcare is ripe for APT attacks

From healthcare records, hackers enhance the effectiveness of social engineering attacks, involving the impersonation of friends and colleagues. Healthcare records have become one of the most valuable commodities on the

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Industrial Security Limited In Scope

A new Kaspersky Report is out today covering the H2 2018, Threat Landscape for Industrial Automation Systems, that almost one in two industrial systems display evidence of attackers attempting malicious activity –

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15% of enterprises have experienced a targeted attack

Kaspersky Lab’s paper helped shed light in ways to identify the attacker, making well-informed and strategic ways of threat detection. The cyber security market in India is growing exponentially, and is

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Most Security Pros Are Impacted by Geopolitics

Two-thirds of cybersecurity professionals have been forced to change where and with whom they do business because of escalating concerns around nation state attacks, according to Tripwire. The security vendor polled

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The 3 Biggest Threats Healthcare Data Security is Facing Right Now

The year 2017 suffered the greatest ransomware attack in the history of the internet. The WannaCry ransomware detected in hospitals of the UK. It then exploded across the globe and affected


Ransomware’s New Normal

GandCrab’s evolution underscores a shift in ransomware attack methods. Don’t be fooled by the drop in overall ransomware attacks this past year: Fewer but more targeted and lucrative campaigns against

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Increasing security measures are driving cybercriminals to alter their techniques

Increased security measures and awareness are driving cybercriminals to alter their techniques in search of a better return on investment (ROI). Total recorded vulnerabilities year over year. Source: X-Force Red

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What is Watering hole attack and how to stay protected from such attacks?

The attacker first stalks the websites often visited by a victim or a particular group, and then infect the frequently visited websites with malware. The attacker then identifies the vulnerabilities

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The inside track on protecting intellectual property (IP)

Dr Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of BlackFog, discusses the need for firms to protect their IP from cyber attack and provides advice on how to stop hackers from removing


Attackers repackage popular Android VPN app with Triout malware

Triout malware was first detected in August 2018 which infected Android applications and had spyware capabilities such as recording phone calls and text messages, and more. Recently, the malware was