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FETC 2020: 8 Ways Administrators Can Support Cybersecurity

A wealth of student data and lack of resources make K–12 schools easy targets for cyberattacks. But leaders can foster collaborative prevention efforts. Click here to view original webpage at

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CYBER SAFETY CONCERNS: Local expert talks preparation for potential attack

The U.S. government is now warning Americans about possible cyber security issues, and people everywhere are wondering if there will be a military draft. Click here to view original webpage

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LR certification validates Wärtsilä cyber security measures

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded Wärtsilä system-level cyber certification for network architecture relating to Wärtsilä’s integrated main and auxiliary machinery. The LR ShipRight SAFE AL2 certification, which has been awarded


No stars for Australia’s missing IoT cyber stars

Australia should think about implementing some sort of cybersecurity quality rating system for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, according to a range of submitters to the review of the nation’s Cyber Security

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Conservatives propose national cyber crime force

The policy was outlined in brief proposals contained in the Conservatives’ newly published manifesto, in which the party said it planned to “embrace new technologies and crack down on online crimes”.

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Cyber crime business impact back in the spotlight

Businesses are facing major threats from email compromise attacks, with a lawyer flagging that determining who is responsible for financial losses is a “messy area”. EAGLEGATE Lawyers principal Nicole Murdoch


5 Cyber Safety Rules Everyone Needs to Follow

Cybercriminals are not only focusing on enterprises and SMBs but also targeting individual end-users like you. Open Firefox Monitor, enter your email ID and see if it was the part of

Industry Insights

Seven Steps To Combat Cyber Security Threats In Education Sector

Educational institutions store immense amounts of highly sensitive information, like contact information, academic records, Social Security numbers, financial information, and health records, which makes them lucrative targets for hackers. Click


A Third of Security Pros Have Skipped Cyber-Safety Checks to Launch Products Faster

A survey of 300 security professionals has found that 34% admit to bypassing security checks to bring products to market faster.  The research was carried out by cyber assessment company Outpost24, which questioned attendees


Google Searches Reveal the 15-Year Decline of AV

The past 15 years has seen huge changes in the cybersecurity-related search terms internet users are deploying to find out more about the industry, with anti-virus supplanted by emerging next-gen