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Cyber security needs rebels

Cyber security needs “rascals” not hand-raisers who won’t question authority. But the problem is that the education system is not typically geared towards generating the kind of rebellious spirits that

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Think Outside the Box to Close the Skills Gap

The skills gap in cybersecurity is a topic I address a lot, but it is also one of the issues in cybersecurity for which we just can’t figure out the

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Crowdsourced Security is Redefining the Gig Economy, and Not in a Good Way

Let’s pretend you have offensive security skills and you want to use them for gainful employment. You attend a job interview and you listen to the benefits of what this


Rationalizing the Security Stack for More Effective Protection

Most IT security professionals believe the answer to strengthening their organization’s security posture is to buy more solutions. The idea that more tools equals better protection is a widely-held misconception,

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Closing the cyber skills gap: What to do next

On a global scale, cybersecurity is suffering from a severe shortage of experts. What is to be done? Organizations, government, academia and professional associations need to work together to develop a

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Ever-evolving nature of Cybersecurity risks

Since many enterprises are shifting their infrastructure to cloud-based platforms, i.e., to data centers, the attackers would target those. Platforms at an increasing rate.Number of Cybersecurity attacks in the country


Cybersecurity automation won’t fix the skills gap alone

What used to be considered forward-thinking of CISOs who implemented cybersecurity automation is now the standard. Gone are the days when antimalware was protection enough for sensitive data. Today, security

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Talent key to cyber-security, say experts

Threats to cybersecurity continue to grow, and the global society needs bold ideas and innovations to address these challenges. Cultivation of cybersecurity talent will depend on collaboration among industry, academia


SMBs Struggle with Encryption, Patching and Skills Gap

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are more vulnerable to attacks because of their weaknesses in encryption, workload configuration, limited visibility and outdated and unsupported operating systems, according to Alert Logic. Researchers


Finding skilled pros remains a challenge, cloud and security in high demand

Tech teams will continue to grow in the second half of the year, but finding the right talent won’t be easy, according to Robert Half Technology’s State of U.S. Tech