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Cybersecurity: How new firms are helping enterprises not let hackers get better of them

While security codes and antivirus softwares have their own place along with virtual private networks (VPNs), Kratikal Technologies is helping employees get smarter against phishing, spoofing and other hacks. Click

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Projects funded for autonomous vehicle cyber security

Seven projects whose participants include Honda, Thales and WMG have won funding to develop cyber security solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles. Click here to view original webpage at www.theengineer.co.uk

Industry Insights

Proposed bill seeks to help non-federal entities improve cyber-security

There’s one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on: the need to reduce the impact of cyber-threats.To that end, members of Congress proposed a bipartisan bill on Jan. 17, the “Cybersecurity State


Digital transformation as a driver of cloud migration

Cloud migration is trending at a rapid pace — with 83 per cent of workloads expected to be cloud-based this year. For enterprises across all verticals, the digital revolution has


Smart, savvy and strategic cyber risk management

We regularly hear and read about hacks, security breaches and similar cybersecurity incidents that expose vulnerabilities in corporate and government digital security systems. The reality is that most companies and

Identity Theft

Healthcare Facilities Need More Cybersecurity Pros

Despite being one of the most targeted sectors for cyber attacks, data breaches and malware, the healthcare industry doesn’t value cybersecurity as much as it should. Click here to view

Artificial Intelligence

How AI and Cybersecurity Will Intersect in 2020

So much of the discussion about cybersecurity’s relationship with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) revolves around how AI and ML can improve security product functionality. However, that is actually


Cybersecurity Trends And Best Practices For Insurers And Businesses

In 2020, businesses will focus on issues surrounding cybersecurity awareness with renewed vigor. Many CEOs are already setting new standards for securing their networks of computers. Click here to view

Industry Insights

Ransomware attacks on municipal institutions rise by over 60 per cent worldwide: research

The firm observed that at least 174 municipal institutions, have been targeted by ransomware during the last year. Cyber security firm Kaspersky’s researchers have finally released their annual security bulletin


What should we expect from cybersecurity in 2020?

Ten security experts share their thoughts on the year ahead.With ransomware and cyber-attacks being at the forefront of headlines this year, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity is becoming an ever