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Hackers are hijacking smart building access systems to launch DDoS attacks

Hackers are actively searching the internet and hijacking smart door/building access control systems, which they are using to launch DDoS attacks, according to firewall company SonicWall. Click here to view

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You can upgrade Windows 7 for free! Why wouldn’t you?

“Doomsday is here! The sky is falling! Windows 7 is out of support and all hell will break loose!” – or, at least, that’s what some cybersecurity experts and press outlets want

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Citrix Issues Urgent Fix For Critical Flaw—Here’s What To Do Next

Citrix has issued the first fix for a serious vulnerability that could allow attackers to perform arbitrary code execution via directory traversal. Click here to view original webpage at www.forbes.com


Why 2020 should be the year of public sector cybersecurity training

Public sector organisations cannot risk a cyberattack, and training is one of the best ways to prevent this. In 2020, organisations across the U.K. public sector should reprioritise their security

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Does the global scope for banks require the introduction of an international cybersecurity standard?

Originally introduced in 2013, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS“) Technology Risk Management (“TRM”) received an update in August 2019 which made its guidelines mandatory for any financial institution (FI)


Talking to the Board about Cybersecurity

A chief financial officer shares five winning strategies for an effective board-level conversation about right-sizing risk. As enterprises have become increasingly reliant on technology for every aspect of operations, technical


The VPN is dying, long live zero trust

The venerable VPN, which has for decades provided remote workers with a secure tunnel into the enterprise network, is facing extinction as enterprises migrate to a more agile, granular security


Hack Me Slowly, Hack Me Quick

Whoever you are you are being a dumb cluck. Ok, ok I know it doesn’t rhyme with the title but I couldn’t put the right word there as it is


When Dealing With The Phishing Threat, User Education Is Key

Email has become a crucial part of how organizations perform their day to day business. The average employee receives dozens of emails every day, and efficiently performing their job duties

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The top cybersecurity mistakes companies are making

There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity. Learn some of the common mistakes and how you can get on the right path. Cybersecurity is increasingly important as more and more