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Industry Insights

The most resilient organizations follow outcome-based cybersecurity

As the cyber landscape changes, new threats arise, old threats evolve, and vulnerabilities are constantly putting companies and agencies at risk. The concept of “cybersecurity” has evolved from total defense,

Industry Insights

Exclusive: TokenSoft Partners with Ex-Military Cyber Firm Hub Security

TokenSoft, a platform for issuing digital securities using blockchain technology, is tapping into Israel’s experience in cyber security, having signed a new partnership with ex-military Cyber firm Hub Security. Click here

Hardware/Network Software

Most Computers Easy to Hack Due to Vulnerability in Memory Chips

Most computer systems are still very easy to hack, due to a vulnerability in memory chips produced by Samsung, Micron and Hynix, according to a study by researchers from VUSec


The Future For Network Security: What Does SASE Bring To The Table?

Gartner first introduced the concept of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) as a new enterprise networking technology back in late 2019. The inherent claim was that by shifting to SASE, enterprise could


APT Groups Attack Exchange Servers Via Patched Flaw

Multiple likely state-backed APT groups have been detected exploiting a recently patched Microsoft flaw to target Exchange servers. Click here to view original webpage at www.infosecurity-magazine.com


SymTCP: New Approach to Protecting Army Systems Without Massive Amounts of Manual Intervention

An approach to network security that will enhance the effectiveness and timeliness of protection against adversarial intrusion and evasion strategies, has been identified by the Army’s corporate laboratory researchers in collaboration with


Devices On 5G Networks Demand Differentiated Security Solutions

There will be 8.3 billion mobile broadband subscriptions by the end of 2024, which translates to 95 percent of all subscriptions by then, according to the SMU Office of Research & Tech


Time to Stop Overlooking DNS Security

The impact of cyber attacks on the Domain Name System (DNS) has been highlighted recently with news stories about a series of DNS hijacking attacks targeting governments and other organizations in Europe


Cybersecurity: Experts discussing mobile phone security warn against bio-metric verifications

Cybersecurity experts Aaron Turner and Georgia Weidman spoke at the RSA Conference in San Francisco to discuss mobile security. The two discussed 2-factor authentication (2FA) as well as biometric as a


Mixed-signal circuits can stop side-channel attacks against IoT devices

Purdue University innovators have unveiled technology that is 100 times more resilient to electromagnetic and power attacks, to stop side-channel attacks against IoT devices. Click here to view original webpage