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aIR-Jumper – A malware exfiltrates data via security cameras and infrared

Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University developed a PoC malware dubbed aIR-Jumper that uses security cameras with Infrared capabilities to exfiltrate data.The team of researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the


8 Vulnerabilities Have Been Found In Wireless Medical Pumps – Information Security Buzz

“As the use of connected devices in medicine becomes more common place, this news highlights the pressing need for manufacturers to start considering the security of each device as an


Smart Buildings Require Full-Stack Cybersecurity – Infosecurity Magazine

Smart buildings are no longer a figment of our futuristic imaginations. This $6B USD market is projected to grow to $24.73B USD by 2021, and today nearly every large enterprise


Insider Threats, Ransomware And DDoS Attacks – The Most Feared Cyber Attack Vectors – Information Security Buzz

SANS and Infoblox released the results of a survey which revealed the top threats and security challenges that are putting company networks and data at risk. Currently- ransomware, insider threats,


When It Comes to IoT Security, Consistency Is Key | SecurityWeek.Com

Each day, businesses are connecting thousands of devices to the internet. From conference room smart TVs to thermostats, most of these devices were purpose-built to perform a single function without

Industry Insights

Ransomware, BEC, ICS Top Midyear Security Concerns

Business email compromise, ransomware, and industrial control attacks were among top security concerns in the first half of 2017. Business email compromise (BEC) attacks and SCADA vulnerabilities are two top


Ransomware and IOT attacks spell trouble for transportation industry

The ransomware and IOT threat landscapes are merging as ransomware is constantly evolving to infiltrate company defenses in new ways and IOT devices are presenting new attack vectors that can


Disruptive cyberattacks could hit energy infrastructure in US, Europe – TechRepublic

A new “wave of cyberattacks” could be poised to hit the energy sectors of the US, Turkey, and Switzerland, giving hackers the ability to “severely disrupt affected operations,” according to a


Massive Wave of MongoDB Ransom Attacks Makes 26,000 New Victims

Ransom attacks on MongoDB databases rekindled last week and over the weekend with the emergence of three new groups that hijacked over 26,000 servers, with one group hijacking 22,000. The


Connected devices can get pwned by attackers every 2 minutes

IoT device pwned by credential attackers once every 120 seconds in SANS research using real connected device rather than honeypot. When Johannes Ullrich, dean of research at the SANS Technology