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Expert Opinion on Avoiding Common Cloud Protection Pitfalls

Running a business these days often means managing a series of online accounts and figures, with a little shipping and perhaps some calling. Of course, this lacks the physical security


What Can be Done About the Rising Click Interception Threat?

Ad networks’ increasingly successful efforts to detect bot-based ad click fraud has forced attackers to focus more on intercepting and redirecting legitimate users’ clicks. A group of researchers from Microsoft


New Ransomware Grows 118% As Cybercriminals Adopt Fresh Tactics And Code Innovations

McAfee Labs saw an average of 504 new threats per minute in Q1 2019, and a resurgence of ransomware along with changes in campaign execution and code. More than 2.2 billion stolen


Electron Framework Vulnerabilities – Shutting the Backdoor

The Electron framework plays an important role in many communication software – Skype, Slack, WhatsApp and GitHub to name just a few. As a cross-platform development tool it offers developers the flexibility


Nmap 7.80 released: A Mature Npcap Windows Packet Capturing Driver, 11 New NSE Scripts

Nmap is a free and open source utility for network discovery and security auditing. Many systems and network administrators also find it useful for tasks such as network inventory, managing service

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Edge Computing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): A Perfect Pairing

By Alan Conboy – Office of the CTO at Scale Computing, Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), a virtualization technology that creates fully personalized, individual desktop virtual machines with user profile control


Over 800K Systems Remain Vulnerable to Bluekeep

Over 805,000 computers around the world are still vulnerable to the critical Bluekeep vulnerability, which experts have warned could create a worm-like threat worse than WannaCry. Security firm BitSight claimed that, as

Network Security

Failure to Patch is Leaving Business Open to Attack

Nearly a quarter of all businesses have fallen victim of a cyberattack because of unpatched vulnerabilities, a new report from Tripwire claims. This number rises even higher in Europe, to


Employees are aware of USB drive security risks, but don’t follow best practices

Employees are aware of the risks associated with inadequate USB drive security – yet their employers aren’t mandating following best practices, according to a report by Apricorn. “The State of


Securing satellites: The new space race

A decade ago, it would have cost you a billion dollars to deploy a satellite into space. Fast forward ten years and you can now have your own personal satellite