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Hardware Security Revisited

As Spectre and Meltdown demonstrated earlier this year, hardware is no less vulnerable to attack than any other system because hardware is an often overlooked piece of the security puzzle.  Security and

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Personal mobile devices are the biggest threat to your network

Remote working and BYOD may be popular among employees but both pose a high risk to IT and security teams.Personal device use for remote work poses the biggest security risk


Mobile operators must take more responsibility over our phone security

Cybercriminals have become increasingly adept at tricking telecoms into granting them access to customer’s phones. So you think you’re pretty security savvy. You use complex passwords for all your online


IoT security: The work on raising the bar continues

One of the main goals of Chief Information Security Officers should be to help the organization succeed, and they are unlikely to do that by denying their organization the ability

Industry Insights

The fax cyber hack scare and our need for advanced security solutions

Even in today’s digital world, legacy systems still pose a threat to governments and organisations around the world. It has been widely reported that there are around 45 million fax


The future of work in the AI and ML context

Several studies have shown that by the end of 2030, more than 30% of the current jobs will be unnecessary – due to technological advancements. AI and machine learning will,


Don’t sleep on laptop security, safeguard your data

For many of us, shutting our laptops after a tough day in the office is a satisfying feeling that signals the end of work until tomorrow. But what we don’t

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10 Ways to Boost Your Business’s Cybersecurity

With the frequency of data breaches and attacks on the rise, it’s no longer an option for companies to have a weak defense to secure themselves against these cyberattacks. Just


Three essential pillars of transparent data security

Is your organisation prepared to handle and secure data across a diverse range of device types? Data security practices that disrupt workflow place an undue burden on users and administrators.

Industry Insights

It’s time to relook at, rethink and then restructure our fragmented IT security landscape

GDPR and the NIS Directive present the perfect opportunity to eliminate tool bloat at your organisation. The run-up to Brexit has led to a boost in wages for professionals of