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What is phishing? How this cyber attack works and how to prevent it

Phishing is a method of trying to gather personal information using deceptive e-mails and websites. Here’s what you need to know about this venerable, but increasingly sophisticated, form of cyber


Cybercriminals leverage Google Translate to hide their phishing sites

Attackers are using a new technique that uses Google Translate to hide the real domain of their phishing sites. This phishing technique works more effectively in mobile devices when compared


Phishing has become the root of most cyber-evil

Phishing has become the top cause of data breaches. But with employee education and the right tools, such breaches can be prevented.Companies spend a huge amount of time and billions


What steps consumers need to take to protect themselves online

Yesterday was Data Privacy Day, so McAfee warned consumers that cybercriminals are continuing to access personal information through weak passwords, phishing emails, connected things, malicious apps and unsecure Wi-Fi networks. Consumers


Two-Factor Authentication Might Not Keep You Safe

The online security “best practice” is still vulnerable to phishing attacks. Here’s how two-factor authentication is supposed to work: You log in to your bank account or email inbox, and


Scammers target Netflix users in a new phishing campaign to steal personal data

The US’ Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning the Netflix users about a new phishing scam that involves cybercriminals stealing users’ personal and payment card information. The scam involves cybercriminals


The Many Faces of Necurs: How the Botnet Spewed Millions of Spam Emails for Cyber Extortion

The Necurs botnet, a large and well-known spam originator, has become synonymous with cybercrime. Its spam-sending capabilities, through a botnet of a few million infected devices, are frequently dedicated to


A Smarter Approach to Security Will Reduce the Risk of Malware

Despite the cybersecurity industry advancing at a promising rate, malware continues to plague organizations. In fact, it was found that the majority of data breaches have happened after a malware infected attachment


Phishing Attack Strikes UnityPoint Health

Iowa’s UnityPoint Health reported that it was the victim of a phishing attack, saying the attack put the sensitive information of 1.4 million patients at risk, according to local news media KCCI. The public


Why the Cloud is Key to Mitigating the Menace of Phishing

After the rise of ransomware over the last few years (largely combatted through better detection of the malware and more attention paid to having decent backups), phishing has stormed back