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Keeping Security Secure

The security industry has accumulated vast amounts of knowledge, much of it in the form of experience. This sometimes-sensitive information is the glue that holds our profession together and protects

Vendor News

MDhex vulnerabilities open GE Healthcare patient monitoring devices to attackers

Researchers have discovered six critical and high-risk vulnerabilities – collectively dubbed MDhex – affecting a number of patient monitoring devices manufactured by GE Healthcare. Click here to view original webpage at

Industry Insights

Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies To Watch In 2020

Worldwide spending on information security and risk management systems will reach $131B in 2020, increasing to $174B in 2022 approximately $50B will be dedicated to protecting the endpoint according to


CISOs: Make 2020 the year you focus on third-party cyber risk

While cybersecurity professionals are certainly aware of the growing threat posed by sharing data with third parties, many seem to lack the urgency required to address this challenge. Click here to


Smart, savvy and strategic cyber risk management

We regularly hear and read about hacks, security breaches and similar cybersecurity incidents that expose vulnerabilities in corporate and government digital security systems. The reality is that most companies and


New Year’s Resolutions: Cybersecurity Goals For 2020 And Beyond

Looking back at 2019 and earlier, it’s clear that businesses have struggled to build effective cybersecurity programs. Now that 2020 is here, the days when a couple of security engineers


How Financial Services Firms Can Improve Cybersecurity

Organizations can address prevalent threats, obtain buy-in from leadership and build an advanced cybersecurity program. The financial services industry experiences 35 percent of all data breaches, according to Forbes, earning it the dubious


Why CMO Should Know About Cybersecurity?

Apart from configuring cybersecurity measures, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) needs to be responsible for taking up cybersecurity practices within their organization. Cybersecurity breaches often coincide with the fact that

Industry Insights

LR certification validates Wärtsilä cyber security measures

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded Wärtsilä system-level cyber certification for network architecture relating to Wärtsilä’s integrated main and auxiliary machinery. The LR ShipRight SAFE AL2 certification, which has been awarded


Cutting through the noise surrounding threat intelligence

With billions of records breached each year, businesses now understand the need to learn and think from the criminal’s perspective. In today’s world of escalating threats, criminals are always figuring