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How Students, IT Staff Can Help with Cybersecurity Employee Shortages

As the healthcare struggles with recruiting and retaining security leaders, HSCC released guidance showing how student internships and transitioning IT staff to cyber roles can shore up cybersecurity gaps.  The


The Role of Data in Managing Application Risk

Managing application risk has a lot to do with managing data. To mitigate application risks, it’s necessary to gather data from heterogeneous and sometimes far-flung sources—data about assets, vulnerabilities, business

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What mechanisms can help address today’s biggest cybersecurity challenges?

In this Help Net Security podcast, Syed Abdur Rahman, Director of Products with unified risk management provider Brinqa, talks about their risk centric knowledge-driven approach to cybersecurity problems like vulnerability

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A Risk-based Approach to Cybersecurity Can Save Time & Money

By Jake Olcott, VP Government Affairs at BitSight, If you’ve glanced at the opinion columns of security industry publications, you’ve probably seen the term “risk-based” floating around, as in “the

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Best Strategies to Communicate Cybersecurity Risk to the Board

A recent Deloitte report shows the top seven ways security leaders can communicate both cyber risk and cybersecurity needs to the boardroom and other C-suite members. May 22, 2019 – Dialogue and


On the path to Zero Trust security: Time to get started

No need to belabour the point. We all know that trying to defend the network perimeter is a bit futile in today’s mobile and cloud first world. So, the obvious question –

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By Afrozulla Khan Z – Cyber Investigator at  SRL TRINITNY VISION PVT LTD, Cyber security is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attacks.  In

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How can shipping meet the cyber security challenge?

‘Prevention is better than cure’ applies in cyber security as elsewhere, and a panel debate on how cyber attacks can be prevented will form one of the highlights of the Maritime


The IoT threat landscape is expanding rapidly, yet few companies are addressing third party risk factors

There is a dramatic increase in IoT-related data breaches specifically due to an unsecured IoT device or application since 2017 – from 15 percent to 26 percent – and the

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What differentiates the strongest cybersecurity programs from the rest

Financial institutions spend an average of around $2,300 per full-time employee on cybersecurity annually, reveals a survey released by Deloitte and the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC).