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The role of trust in security: Building relationships with management and employees

Massive data breaches have become the new reality, and they confirm that one of the biggest challenges companies face when it comes to security: a company’s biggest shortcomings are often


Endpoint security as a service will grow in 2018

Organizations want help with endpoint security areas, including data loss prevention, enterprise risk management, and threat hunting.The global cybersecurity skills shortage won’t ease anytime soon. In fact, there’s ample evidence

IT Compliance

Get tooled up to meet GDPR requirements

Every organisation faces a unique set of risk and compliance challenges according to its industry, size, geographic location and third-party landscape. For a challenge such as the EU’s General Data

Industry Insights

No Place For Passivity in Cybersecurity Leadership

By and large, the news in 2017 was not good on the cybersecurity front. Whether you follow media headlines or industry studies, attacks are up, breaches are larger and threat

Industry Insights

Data Risk Management: How to Put Executives in the Driver’s Seat

This is the first in a series of three articles that will describe the business and organizational implications and benefits of taking a data risk management approach to securing the

Identity Theft

4 Lessons You Can Learn From 2017’s Data Breaches

Cybersecurity took center stage in 2017, following a slew of cyber breaches on major companies, including those in highly regulated industries.As the likelihood of cyberattacks increases, risk management professionals are

Industry Insights

Resolutions for a secure new year

Examining what we have learned about risk awareness, or should have learned, in 2017, which we can resolve to put into action in 2018.Once again, we have been deluged by


Security’s Time Management Crunch and How to Solve It

Time is the scarcest resource we have as IT and security professionals. There are only so many minutes in each day to get things done. At the root of many


Healthcare organizations and the cloud: Benefits, risks, and security best practices

Healthcare organizations are moving their business-critical applications and workloads to the cloud, and while there are many benefits (lower costs, added flexibility and greater scalability), there are also inherent risks that cannot


Rinse, Wash, Repeat: Defining, Planning and Continuously Improving Your SIEM Strategy

Designing your security information and event management (SIEM) strategy can be very challenging, particularly in complex environments that depend on many systems and stakeholders. For security leaders, it may seem