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Cloud computing remains top emerging business risk

Cloud computing ranks as the top risk concern for executives in risk, audit, finance and compliance, according to the latest survey by Gartner. In Gartner’s latest quarterly Emerging Risks Report, 110

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The Need for Effective Third-Party Risk Management in Financial Services

In the last few years we have seen the frequency and severity of third-party cyberattacks against global financial institutions continue to increase. One of the biggest reported attacks against financial

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Is Digital Risk Management A Business Performance Issue?

Digital risk is a reality, and it has a long-term effect on an organization’s initiatives, actions, and decisions. Businesses that progressively rely on digital processes to run their business should


Building a sound security strategy for an energy sector company

As more and more attacks against companies working in the energy sector become public, it is becoming increasingly clear that those systems are far from impermeable. And it’s not just state-sponsored attackers

IT Compliance

How rogue data puts organisations at risk of GDPR noncompliance

The GDPR compliance deadline came in by force on 25th May 2018 and applies to all organisations processing and holding the personal information of data subjects. This includes contacts such as customers,

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CTO vs. CISO: Who should have ultimate responsibility for cyber security?

In a business environment increasingly under threat from a growing variety of cyber threats, Chris Underwood from Adastrum Consulting looks at who should be in charge of an organisation’s cyber

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Not enough CISOs and business leaders cooperate on a cybersecurity plan and budget

With the proliferation of more and more sensitive data, expanding connectivity, and the adoption of automated processes, new research from Accenture reveals that C-suite and IT decision makers need to embrace a

Identity Theft

Break Risk: Reducing Merchant Risk

Due to the large number of data breaches, 2014 came to be known as the Year of the Breach. The number of high-profile data breach cases making their way into

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SEC Cybersecurity Update May Lead to Increased Oversight

In direct response to an unprecedented streak of massive data breaches and security incidents, the SEC recently released a statement and guidance on public company cybersecurity disclosures. The SEC’s guidance has two

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Gartner Identifies the Top Six Security and Risk Management Trends

Business leaders are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact cybersecurity can have on business outcomes. Gartner, Inc. said that security leaders should harness this increased support and take advantage of six emerging