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Enterprise Security Lessons From the Crypto-Mining Craze

Anytime a new threat has as profound and far-reaching an impact as crypto-mining has this year, it’s tempting to shift from a holistic enterprise security strategy to a single-minded approach,

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When It Comes to Cyber Risks, 2018 Is No Tim to Play Games

While some organizations have spent decades fine-tuning their ability to respond to and manage cyber risks, far too many are still playing games with their security strategy.From a cybersecurity perspective,

IT Compliance

Three Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Data Security Journey

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has shifted attention to the security and privacy of customer data. But more importantly, the regulation calls for enterprises to assess existing


How AI Can Stop Ransomware, Detect Malware and Reduce Risk

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, and virtual reality. Yes, these are all super popular buzzwords, but they are also significant ideas with an incredible number of applications in


At Your Own Risk: Managing Internet of Things (IoT) Risks for Industrial and Utility Companies

Companies operating within the industrial and energy and utilities sectors are responsible for protecting the critical infrastructure we all rely upon to live. However, these companies must also operate their

BYOD/Big Data

Big data and insurance: Implications for innovation and privacy

The use of big data analytics in insurance offers societal benefits, as improved understanding of risks can inform risk reduction and enhance insurability. However, individuals, firms and regulators face complex

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Cybersecurity Is About More Than Reacting to Attacks

Reacting quickly to cyberattacks is a vital aspect of cybersecurity. A prompt response can be the difference between minimal damage and catastrophic data loss.Additionally, cybersecurity experts value the importance of

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10 Ways To Improve Security Compliance With Data Privacy Regulations

Rapid technology advances have brought new challenges for the protection of personal data, and so every organisation needs a comprehensive approach to privacy management. They must also document how they

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Global SOC maturity improves, yet some still operate with serious gaps in security

Despite the volume of threats rising, the global findings of a new Micro Focus report indicate that more mature Security Operational Centres (SOCs) are becoming more efficient in detection with


Listen to Your Cassandras to Avoid Cybersecurity Disasters

After such a tumultuous 2017, it’s hard to imagine things getting worse in the cybersecurity world, but one book predicted just that. While not solely focused on cybersecurity disasters, “Warnings: