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Industry Insights

Nuke Weapon Systems at Risk From Cyber-Attack

Nuclear weapons systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks which could at worst lead to compromise and inadvertent launches, a leading thinktank has warned.These risks have been outlined in the new Chatham


Strong encryption an ‘urgent public safety issue’, says FBI head

Director Christopher Wray slams unbreakable encryption as an obstacle to tackling crime and terrorism.FBI not being able to access electronic devices due to strong encryption is an “urgent public safety

IT Compliance

The IT Security Lessons From 2017

George Santayana famously observed that: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” In a year where data breaches escalated, and cyber-criminals found yet more ways to


Hard-Coded Backdoor in My Cloud Devices Offers Attackers Access to Personal Photos, Videos

Western Digital’s My Cloud network attached storage (NAS) devices have been found to contain an easily exploitable, secret hard-coded backdoor.My Cloud is a popular personal cloud storage unit that consumers

Industry Insights

10 Biggest Cyber Espionage Cases

Cyber spying is now becoming more sophisticated and widespread both on the international and domestic stages. Cyber terrorists can attack you from any place in the world at any time


Return of Necurs botnet brings new ransomware threat

The Necurs botnet has returned to the top ten most prevalent malware during November 2017, as cybercriminals used it to distribute a new form of ransomware, according to Check Point.Researchers


Tizi backdoor rooted Android devices by exploiting old vulnerabilities

Google has discovered and removed from Google Play a number of apps that contained the Tizi backdoor, which installs spyware to steal sensitive data from popular social media applications. Click


How businesses can unwittingly become launch-pads for malware attacks on clients and partners

In business, reputation is everything. So it is not hard to imagine the conversations that took place inside two law firms when they realised they had potentially become malware hubs

Vendor News

Medigate announces $5.35M seed round to protect connected medical devices

Israeli startup Medigate today announced $5.35 million in seed funding for its mission to secure the use of the millions of connected medical devices on healthcare provider networks. Backing for


Latest ATM Malware is Lightweight and Simple

The image of an ATM spewing out cash is a bank’s worst nightmare, but Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered new malware that does just that. It’s the latest in a