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DNS security is no longer optional

Several high-profile DNS security incidents have made headlines recently, a reminder that this integral part of the internet must not be taken for granted. Unlike enterprise assets – endpoints, networks, data centers


5 experimental cybersecurity trends your business needs to know about

These early-stage security trends have not yet seen widespread adoption, but may in the near future, according to CB Insights. Cybersecurity is becoming a major priority across all industries, as


SMBs Struggle with Encryption, Patching and Skills Gap

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are more vulnerable to attacks because of their weaknesses in encryption, workload configuration, limited visibility and outdated and unsupported operating systems, according to Alert Logic. Researchers


Handle personal data: What we forget is as important as what we remember

This spring, Facebook addressed the issue of permanence across its messaging platforms – from Instagram to Messenger to WhatsApp – with the aim to “set a new standard” for consumers’


Employees are aware of USB drive security risks, but don’t follow best practices

Employees are aware of the risks associated with inadequate USB drive security – yet their employers aren’t mandating following best practices, according to a report by Apricorn. “The State of

Artificial Intelligence

How Edge AI Could Solve The Problem Of Personalized Ads In An Encrypted World

One of the greatest challenges confronting social media companies as they push towards their “privacy first” visions of our digital futures is how to maintain their surveillance empires as our


Security Flaws in P2P Leave IoT Devices Vulnerable

Malicious actors could exploit critical security vulnerabilities in a peer-to-peer (P2P) communications technology used across millions of internet of things (IoT) devices, according to research first reported by KrebsonSecurity.  Security researcher


How to protect your privacy in a surveillance state

The Internet allows us to connect with virtually anyone, anywhere. For some governments, this connectivity is seen as a threat. Most countries use some form of electronic tracking to keep


VPN Vulnerabilities Point Out Need for Comprehensive Remote Security

VPNs are the primary tool for securing remote access, but recently disclosed vulnerabilities point out the weakness of relying on them as the only tool. “Encryption Everywhere” has become one


Encryption deployment increases as organizations struggle to address compliance requirements

As organizations embrace the cloud and new digital initiatives such as the IoT, blockchain and digital payments the use of trusted cryptography to protect their applications and sensitive information is