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Identity Theft

Businesses will need to be more data savvy in 2020 to reap rewards of Big Data

The world has seen a massive explosion in Big Data, with large volumes of data now being stored across businesses in the UK. With the proliferation of digital devices, the


Why is SaaS important for business network security?

With increasing cybersecurity threats and web service demand, SaaS is becoming increasingly important.With increasing cybersecurity threats and web service demand, cloud-based network security solutions are becoming increasingly prevalent and are

Industry Insights

Role of AI in cybersecurity and 6 possible product options

Cyberthreats loom large in this modern IT environment. Explore the six most common roles of AI in cybersecurity and the products synthesizing them. Companies are turning more to AI to

Industry Insights

10 Predictions How AI Will Improve Cybersecurity In 2020

Cybersecurity is at an inflection point entering 2020. Advances in AI and machine learning are accelerating its technological progress. Real-time data and analytics are making it possible to build stronger

Artificial Intelligence

Data integration – What’s AI got to do with it?

In the script for your business’ successful data integration, is there a role for AI?It is no secret that as the world of data integration is rapidly changing, the task

Expert Articles

5 Ways How Big Data Helps to Fight Cybersecurity Threat

By Christopher Roberts – Business Development Manager at Data Entry Outsourced, In the online world where information has become a currency, modern businesses and organizations are required to go through

IT Compliance

Cyber Security Mishaps make Customers Think Twice About Using a Brand’s Services

Thanks to an increased awareness of data security, 49% of UK consumers now consider the cyber security credentials of a company before signing up to its services, according to new

Identity Theft

Consumers trust banks most with their personal data, 68% still fear identity theft

People trust banks and other financial entities to safeguard their personal datamore than other organizations. New nCipher Security research also illustrates how easily that trust can be eroded, along with Americans’

BYOD/Big Data Expert Articles

The Top Challenges Faced by the Data Science Industry

By Tarique – Senior Associate at Credforce, Tags: data science professional, big data analyst The rise of data science is a core reason for the majority of industries to flourish

BYOD/Big Data Hardware/Network

Security in an IoT World: Your Big Data Problem is Getting Bigger

It’s that time of year for prediction articles and the number has become almost overwhelming. This year, one of the trending topics I’ve noticed is the growth in Internet of