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DDoS Attacks Nearly Double Since January

Organizations experienced an average of 237 DDoS attack attempts per month during the third quarter (equivalent to eight DDoS attack attempts every day), which represents a 35% increase in monthly

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The Evolution of Intelligence in 2017

As security professionals, we’ve faced no shortage of challenges since the start of 2017 — from the abundance of large-scale data breaches, ransomware attacks, and business email compromise schemes, to


Three Keys to DDoS Defence: Monitor, Protect, Communicate

In late 2016, the DDoS landscape changed. The Mirai botnet was responsible for the first DDoS attack on record to exceed 1 Tbps. Before that, the largest was around 600 Gbps. At


DDoS Attacks Become More Frequent in Q3, with Linux Dominating

The share of Linux botnets is continuing to grow—accounting for 70% of attacks in Q3, compared to 51% in Q2.According to Kaspersky Lab’s Q3 2017 DDoS Intelligence Report, experts have continued


From botnets to ransoms – the rapid rise of IoT attacks

Paul Lipman, CEO of consumer cyber security company BullGuard, believes the Reaper botnet is just the beginning of IoT-based attacks. With a near 400 million vulnerable smart devices* the situation


Improving Network Security With Software-Defined Networking

Businesses today compete in an increasingly complicated IT environment. Nearly everyone from co-location providers, to traditional telco operators, international organizations and small and medium enterprises are adopting cloud solutions. Click


IOTroop Botnet Hits Over a Million Organizations in Under 30 Days

The IoT botnet is expected to spread faster than Mirai.A new IoT botnet dubbed IOTroop is expected to spread faster than Mirai because it has infected more than 1 million


Get Serious about IoT Security

 These four best practices will help safeguard your organization in the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is riddled with security challenges. Cybercriminals know this too, and have often


10 Ways to Prevent Your Mobile Devices From Becoming Bots

The WireX Android botnet last month snagged tens of thousands of mobile users, in order to wage DDoS attacks against organizations in multiple industries.While it’s clearly taxing to be on


Massive spambot captures 711 million email addresses – Security – iTnews

A massive trove of email addresses used by spammers has been published online. It came to light after a French security researcher known as Benkow pointed the Australian operator of leaked credentials