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Five examples of user-centered bank fraud

In today’s digital-first world, banks and financial service companies need to allow their customers to easily manage money online in order to compete. Unfortunately, most banking platforms were not designed securely and


New Malware Frame Cashing in on Ad Fraud

A new malware framework has been discovered padding statistics on social sites and ad impressions, according to new research from Flashpoint. Researchers explained that over the course of the past three months, the


Browser threats are as serious as phishing or ransomware

Businesses need to understand what makes these threats tick. Many organization have close to no visibility into their web-facing assets. They are also, generally speaking, clueless about how people use


What is Cryptojacking?

‘Cryptojacking’ is a term used to describe the action of secretly using a computer to mine cryptocurrency. The original form of cryptojacking would involve the victim unknowingly installing software on

Industry Insights

Attackers Exploit Recently Patched Popular WordPress Plugin

Recently patched vulnerabilities in the popular AMP for WP plugin are being targeted in an active Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) campaign, Wordfence reports. With over 100,000 installs, the plugin adds Accelerated

Industry Insights

Enterprise CSI: utilising web browser forensics for cyber security investigations

Barry Shteiman, VP, Research and Innovation at Exabeam, explains why browser forensics represents a critical step in the cyber security analyst’s incident response playbook. Enabling them to play ‘digital detective’

IT Compliance

You Should Still Care About GDPR

In the days leading up to May 25, email inboxes were filled with updated privacy notices and requests for marketing consent. Web browsers saw more banners about “cookies” than they


Keep Your Website Secure In 8-Simple Steps

By Julia Sowells Senior Information Security Specialist at Hacker Combat, Now and then the best techniques to handle any work are the easiest one. You realize that you have to protect


Untangle Survey Finds SMBs Rank Network Security as Top IT Concern

Untangle®, Inc., a leader in comprehensive network security for small-to-medium business (SMB), today released the results of their first annual SMB IT Security Report. The findings explore IT security apprehensions for small and

Hardware/Network Software

What is the Tor Browser? How it works and how it can help you protect your identity online

Move over “dark web,” the Tor Browser will keep you safe from snoops. The Tor Browser is a web broswer that anonymizes your web traffic using the Tor network, making it