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Hackers as Heroes: How Ethical Hacking is Changing the Industry

Hackers all around the world have long been portrayed in media and pop culture as the bad guys. Society is taught to see them as cyber-criminals and outliers who seek

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Why Are We Still Talking About the Reporting Line of the CISO?

Why are so many organisations and security professionals still worried about the reporting line of the CISO? This is one of the oldest and most consistent debate agitating the security industry, and

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Many adults want to reskill for cybersecurity careers

A new survey from Champlain College Online shows that not only are the majority of Americans concerned about cybersecurity threats, but many are willing to consider returning to college to

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The 3 Most Powerful Types of Threat Information Sharing – and How to Stay Compliant

 When it comes to IT security, the unknowns impose the greatest threat. Luckily, many types of threats are very much on the cybersecurity radar. Institutions and organizations who pay attention


5 tips for better cloud security

There’s no doubt that widespread adoption of the cloud has enabled collaboration on a much greater scale, driving innovation and creativity. Distributed workforces can work harmoniously, IT departments can offload

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A case for more accessible cybersecurity

If you’re a part of the infosec community, you’re likely all too familiar with the frantic calls, text messages and emails we receive from our friends and family about how

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How Can Security Professionals Know When to Trust and When to Hold Their Cards Close?

As the song’s lyrics express, there is a time for everything.  While there are times when holding your cards close and putting up high walls is necessary, there are certainly


Isolated Recovery – Your Golden Ticket for Combatting Ransomware

By Bill Tolson, Vice President at  Archive360, Numerous organizations are currently reevaluating their data protection and security strategies given the number of ransomware attacks and security breaches that have continued


Automating in Security With Intelligence

Like most security practitioners, I can thank automation for streamlining, expediting, and even replacing many of the tasks and controls that help fend off everything from network intrusions to DDoS


Rethinking pen testing

Penetration testing is a valuable tool in any modern-day cybersecurity defender’s toolkit. But are current methods as effective as they can be? Ed Skoudis, Faculty Fellow and Penetration Testing Lead