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How AI can improve quality assurance: six tips

Quality assurance (QA) is an essential area of concern to companies. If the public thinks a company or service does not care about keeping its quality level high, they’ll likely

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Time To Tackle The ‘CyberCreepers’

Autumn is here and October is just around the corner; and in the security annual calendar, that means National Cybersecurity Awareness Month will soon be upon us. It was created in 2004

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Successful Cyber Budgets And Risk Reduction With Diverse Stakeholders

Security Funding Through Building Relationships And Understanding Business Objectives. Growth in business and the need to remain competitive in an increasingly distributed and digital world necessitates working with subject-matter and

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Hey Google: What we search for most in cybersecurity .. cyber security?

In recent years, cybersecurity — or cyber security, depending on your preferred usage — has become a frequent topic.  Escalating cases of fraud, cybercrime, and data breaches have ensured that

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Cyber Security Roundup for August 2019

Twitter boss, Jack Doresy, had his Twitter account was hacked at the end of August, with hackers using his account to send a stream of offensive messages to his 4.2 million followers.

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What cybersecurity professionals can learn from triathletes

This weekend, the Swiss city of Lausanne hosted the final of the World Triathlon Series where triathletes from across the world came together after a season of racing to fight

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How can Data Security Unlock Open Banking for Consumers

By David Smith, Consultant at Cardzgroup, The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) adopted in October 2015, by the European Union aims to promote the concept of open banking in the

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We must treat cybersecurity as a public good. Here’s why

Soon your fridge will be able to buy your food on Amazon, having noticed what you liked on Facebook and Instagram. Cybersecurity is crucial for this to happen; to make

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What’s the State of Cybersecurity?

Our digital economy depends on secure data; effective cybersecurity is critical to the functioning of governments, finance, infrastructure, business, and individuals. Thomas Glocer has been helping to fend off cyber

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Cloud Security For Businesses

By Katherine Palac – Director of Marketing at Column Information Security, Taking advantage of new technology means being cautious about it. Although the impulse for many businesses is to jump