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What’s the State of Cybersecurity?

Our digital economy depends on secure data; effective cybersecurity is critical to the functioning of governments, finance, infrastructure, business, and individuals. Thomas Glocer has been helping to fend off cyber

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Cloud Security For Businesses

By Katherine Palac – Director of Marketing at Column Information Security, Taking advantage of new technology means being cautious about it. Although the impulse for many businesses is to jump


Weak employee training leaves entire industries vulnerable to phishing

The Education and Transport industries are at the highest risk of cyber attacks due to phishing, because of weak employee training. Employee training needs to be improved when it comes

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Cyber Security vs Cybersecurity, Who cares?

The cyber security industry has been around since back when the internet as we know it was brought to life in 1983 when they switched the TCP/IP on for ARPANET

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Your IT is too Slow for Faster New Phishing Scams

By Atif Mushtaq – CEO at SlashNext, Successful phishing attacks depend on a quick response from users – and it’s working all too well. While many employees have some form


Cyber Security Roundup for June 2019

June 2019 was another very busy month for security update releases. Microsoft released updates to patch 22 critical rated vulnerabilities, Intel released 11 fixes, and there were also several critical

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6 Cyber Security Trends To Watch Going Into 2020

In May 2019, Cyber Security Hub surveyed executives to see if their challenges and focuses have changed half way through the year. With the ability to benchmark these results to

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Inside F5’s cyber security playbook

F5 Networks’ CISO talks up measures that the application delivery and security specialist is employing to fend off cyber attackers that come knocking on its doors. Like any business, cyber

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Voices Act before a cyber-attack happens to you

When do most people install burglar alarms? Right after their house has been broken into, of course — in much the same way that so many of us only take

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Cyber security in manufacturing is the need of the hour, feels industry

With digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence and smart working culture making inroads in various sectors, including manufacturing, Indian companies are also gearing up to cope with the problems that come along with