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Identity Theft

Unmask cybercriminals through identity attribution

Organized crime has grown more complex since the turn of the century—coinciding with the rise of the digital world, cybercriminals have leveraged the proliferation of technology to broaden their reach with a


A proactive approach to cybersecurity requires the right tools, not more tools

The key challenge facing security leaders and putting their organizations at risk of breach is misplaced confidence that the abundance of technology investments they have made has strengthened their security posture,

Identity Theft

DoorDash Breach Exposes Data on Nearly Five Million Users

US food delivery service DoorDash is in the process of notifying its customers after discovering a data breach affecting millions of consumers. The firm claimed in a notice published yesterday that an unauthorized

Industry Insights

Cyber Security in the “When-Not-If” Era

No longer just as an equation between risk appetite, compliance requirements and costs. The “When-Not-If” paradigm around cyber-attacks is changing the deal completely around cyber security. Many large organisations now assume that

Cloud Identity Theft

Behind The Data Breach: Understanding Cloud Security And Misconfigurations

Many breaches occurring today are applications that reside in the cloud. We often hear the cause is a misconfiguration on the customer side. So, what can be done to aid

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What the education industry must do to protect itself from cyber attacks

Data breaches show no signs of slowing down and companies across many industry verticals fall victim to what now seems to be a regular occurrence. Most attention around data breaches is on

Identity Theft

What Capital One Got Wrong (and Right) After the Breach

The Capital One breach and the need for communications. With over 106 million customers and applicants’ personal data exposed, the Capital One breach is one of the biggest breaches of

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The Biggest Problem In Cyber Security Right Now

Fazzini also provided her opinion on why government agencies are struggling with cyber security, how we need to better train our workforce to defend against attacks, and what are some

Industry Insights

How to Take Advantage of Alarming Cybersecurity News

The security industry — and the media organizations that cover it — does a thorough job of conveying the latest cybersecurity news of breaches and attacks, albeit sometimes to the

Identity Theft

Why SOAR is a Good Bet For Fighting Mega Cyber Security Breaches

Few things keep business executives and heads of governmental agencies up at night quite like mega cyber breaches. Not only are they on the rise, but they are becoming increasingly