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Cybersecurity Storms: Visibility is Key to Cyber Protections

The most destructive disaster is the one you do not see coming. Before modern meteorology, settlers along the Atlantic coast had no warning when a hurricane was upon them. There


WannaCry Still Alive, Reaches Almost 75,000 Victims

WannaCry ransomware is still the most widespread cryptor family and has hit almost 75,000 users as of Q3 2018, according to new research from Kaspersky Lab. The firm discovered that since


In Praise Of The Hackers

Buried treasure is not just the stuff of fiction and legend. For at least some of our ancestors, it was quite simply the most effective means of protecting prized possessions


Deflecting DDoS – Key Tactics in the Battle Against IoT-Powered Attacks

What makes a DDoS successful? I asked myself that question at the end of August when the central bank of Spain, Banco d’Espana, was hit by a DDoS attack that


How To Avoid An Insider Threat Nightmare

As Halloween looms, it would certainly feel like the right time to think of our favourite horror stories. From an enterprise IT perspective, there are too many to keep up

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Growing intrusion trends: A perspective on today’s most sophisticated cyberattacks

According to a new CrowdStrike report, the technology, professional services, and hospitality sectors were targeted most often by cyber adversaries. The actors used a variety of novel tactics, demonstrating particular


Software testing and cyber-security: The forgotten defence

There is one critical way by which you can stay one-step ahead and that’s by ensuring your defensive software is doing its job.Cyber-attacks can take a variety of forms from

Network Security

Has your corporate network been weaponised? Island hopping can compromise your brand and your country

By Rick McElroy – Security Strategist at  Carbon Black Since the dawn of the internet geopolitical tension has been the harbinger of increased cyberattacks. Over the years we have witnessed

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Keeping Your Personal Information Safe

By Vasilii Chekalov EveryCloud, According to a study by Statista in March of 2018, 63% of respondents expressed concern that they would be hacked in the next five years. 60%

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Hackers as Heroes: How Ethical Hacking is Changing the Industry

Hackers all around the world have long been portrayed in media and pop culture as the bad guys. Society is taught to see them as cyber-criminals and outliers who seek