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Cryptocurrency mining malware increases 86%

McAfee released its McAfee Labs Threats Report September 2018, examining the growth and trends of new cyber threats in Q2 2018. In the second quarter, they saw the surge in cryptomining

IT Compliance

A law enforcement view of emerging cybercrime threats

Cybercriminals are adopting creative new techniques to target their victims at an unprecedented pace and are constantly seeking methods to avoid law enforcement detection. To stay ahead of them, law

Industry Insights

Security risks curb the adoption of online banking

While the days of the average person being distrustful of carrying out any kind of financial transaction online are long gone, there are still certain obstacles to overcome, despite ecommerce


One of a kind: how biometric technology is set to re-connect us with our payment cards

Biometric technology has the potential to transform the security of card payments. The way that we interact with money and purchases has undeniably changed over the past 20 years. Sadly,


Don’t abandon that domain name

Why are abandoned domain names dangerous? They are low-hanging fruit for attackers, who can use them to access sensitive email or customer data. Email holds the keys to the kingdom.


6.4 billion fake emails sent every day

The Valimail Q2 2018 Email Fraud Landscape shows that fake email continues to be a serious problem, with an estimated 6.4 billion fake emails sent every day. That total includes

Industry Insights

What most companies forget when fighting off cyberattacks

Never underestimate the ingenuity and effort that burglars will put into their work. If a team of committed criminals knows that there are untold of riches lying in a bank


How automated, real-time detection can play a major role in avoiding scammers

By now, you’re likely to have heard of the great ‘Twitter purge’ that has taken place in the last few months. Over the course of May, June and July, the

Identity Theft

How to Stop Employee Theft and Fraud Before It Happens

Employee theft and fraud are one of the most pervasive causes of loss among business owners. They are also highly preventable, and with Ongoing effective leadership, employees will often feel obligated


What are deepfakes? How and why they work

Deepfakes are fake videos or audio recordings that look and sound just like the real thing. Once the bailiwick of Hollywood special effects studios and intelligence agencies producing propaganda, like