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Five examples of user-centered bank fraud

In today’s digital-first world, banks and financial service companies need to allow their customers to easily manage money online in order to compete. Unfortunately, most banking platforms were not designed securely and


New Malware Frame Cashing in on Ad Fraud

A new malware framework has been discovered padding statistics on social sites and ad impressions, according to new research from Flashpoint. Researchers explained that over the course of the past three months, the

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Cybersecurity Risk: What does a ‘reasonable’ posture entail and who says so?

Do you know where your data is? Is it “reasonably well” protected?  With data breaches making daily headlines, and hackers developing innovative methods to penetrate cyber defenses, businesses must contemplate


Employment phishing lures pose a big threat to jobseekers’ current organisations

Online employment is fertile ground for social engineering and phishing attacks – watch out for these. Job hunting is demanding of your time, energy, and mental capacity, no matter what


Beating biometrics: Why biometric authentication alone is not a panacea

As we witness the accelerating use of biometrics throughout our lives, we must pause to consider the risks and ramifications of doing so as technological advancements make it increasingly easy to mimic,

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What is digital ad fraud and how does it work?

Ad fraud can help fraudsters to generate revenue for themselves through fake traffic, fake clicks and fake installs. It can also help the cybercriminals to deploy malware on users’ computers.

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Foregenix and Tranwall partner to tackle global ATM Cashout fraud in the banking industry

By Andrew Henwood – CEO at Foregenix, A leading UK cyber security firm has joined forces with an Australian pioneer in payment card control technology to fight against the rise

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Dark Web Fraudsters Defraud Each Other with Fraud Guides

Cyber-criminals are doing a roaring trade in “how-to” fraud guides for their fellow scammers, although many are out-of-date and incomplete, according to new dark web research from Terbium Labs. The cyber-intelligence

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Social Engineering: A Threat to Social Networking

By Arpit Jain, Cyber Security Engineer at NetWeb Software, Social engineering is a popular hacking technique with wide range of spiteful activities practiced through human interactions. It uses psychological manipulation


The Role Of Biometrics In Healthcare

Biometrics can transform crucial aspects of healthcare, and in doing so protect people at their most vulnerable. Biometric authentication can drive up clinical standards, protect staff and patients, and combat