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Identity Theft

Dark Web Fraudsters Defraud Each Other with Fraud Guides

Cyber-criminals are doing a roaring trade in “how-to” fraud guides for their fellow scammers, although many are out-of-date and incomplete, according to new dark web research from Terbium Labs. The cyber-intelligence

Expert Articles

Social Engineering: A Threat to Social Networking

By Arpit Jain, Cyber Security Engineer at NetWeb Software, Social engineering is a popular hacking technique with wide range of spiteful activities practiced through human interactions. It uses psychological manipulation


The Role Of Biometrics In Healthcare

Biometrics can transform crucial aspects of healthcare, and in doing so protect people at their most vulnerable. Biometric authentication can drive up clinical standards, protect staff and patients, and combat


How Blockchain Can Fight Fraud Based on Know-Your-Customer Data

As the cost of retail fraud grows year-over-year, merchants are constantly looking for ways to tackle security challenges and reduce their liability burden. Blockchain technology, with the ability to create secure


Healthcare email fraud: Attack attempts jump 473% over two years

Proofpoint found that healthcare organisations were targeted in 96 email fraud attacks on average in Q4 2018 – a 473 percent jump from Q1 2017. More than half of these


What is spear phishing? Why targeted email attacks are so difficult to stop

A highly targeted form of phishing, spear phishing involves bespoke emails being sent to well-researched victims. It is hard to spot without close inspection and difficult to stop with technical


Phishing Template Uses Fake Fonts

A unique phishing template using fake fonts to evade detection and to better steal user credentials for a major US bank has been discovered, according to new research from Proofpoint. Researchers identified what they

Industry Insights

Tax Fraud: Scammers Ramp Up Their Tactics in 2019

As the IRS cracks down on tax refund fraud, scammers will be innovating new ways to scheme taxpayers out of their hard-earned money this year. This tax season no one


Evasive Malware, Meet Evasive Phishing

In a previous column, I wrote about how evasive malware has become commoditized and described how the techniques being used in any given piece of malware had grown in number and sophistication—the


The 12 (anti-phishing) tips of Christmas and how to protect against phishing

Christmas is just around the corner and so – unfortunately – is probably a nasty attack of phishing, which brings us to how to protect against phishing. Jan Oetjen takes us