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Fraud data shows 680% spike in fraudulent mobile app transactions

The number of fraudulent transactions originating from a mobile app during the first quarter has increased by 200 per cent since 2015, according to RSA Security. Analysis from the team


Scamming the scammers

There is no absolute way to completely eradicate end users’ susceptibility to scams, but with constant care and diligence (coupled with technical measures), it’s possible to provide guidance to ensure


Salted Hash – SC 01: What an Apple phishing attack looks like

Today on Salted Hash, we’re going to look at a phishing attack from two sides. The first side will be what the victim sees. After that, we’re going to see


Combating fraud and money laundering with graph analytics

Dirty money and money laundering have been around since the existence of currency itself. On a global level, as much as $2 trillion is washed annually, estimates the United Nations.


Email Fraud is a Top Business Risk for 2018

Email fraud is a top risk for 2018, resulting in employee termination.Reports from Proofpoint and Clearswift show that businesses across the globe are concerned about email phishing campaigns.Today, two reports

Industry Insights

77 Facts About Cyber Crime One Should Know in 2018

As a society, we cherish our right to privacy probably more than anything else. Sharing is great, and we all enjoy it, but there is always that other side, the

Identity Theft

Cryptocurrencies and the Revolution in Cybercrime Economics

Over the past year, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have increasingly gained publicity and media attention. The focus of the reporting has been primarily on cryptocurrencies as a financially speculative medium,


Everyone is a Spear Phishing Target

The Equifax breach was announced in early September, but the long tail of its effects will be felt for years to come.As the security industry continues to see phishing attacks

Identity Theft

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Security for Convenience to Establish Digital Trust

In today’s world, it is more difficult than ever to establish digital trust with people — the people who work for you, the people you partner with, the people you


Millions of Android devices forced to mine Monero for crooks

No device is safe from criminals looking to make it stealthily mine cryptocurrency for them. However weak its processing power is, it still costs them nothing.With that in mind, forced