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Cyber security firm continues Asia Pacific expansion with Singapore move

By Rob Baker – Foregenix, Leading cyber security company Foregenix is continuing the next step of its expansion into the Asia Pacific (APAC) region with the opening of its Singapore


Are You Mature Enough to Secure Your Cloud to its Fullest Extent?

Every organization, whether it’s using on-prem, public cloud, or hybrid cloud architecture, needs a suitable security solution. Choosing the right cloud security solution is a challenge for every enterprise. You

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Perimeter solutions: Do layers of security make a difference?

As an enterprise, it is always important to constantly reevaluate information security solutions. When doing so, take a good look at the perimeter solutions in place and their associated detection


Main threat source to industrial computers? Mass-distributed malware

Malicious cyber activities on Industrial Control System (ICS) computers are considered an extremely dangerous threat as they could potentially cause material losses and production downtime in the operation of industrial


The Zero Trust Society

As our access to everything and anything grows, so does the decrease of our privacy. Everyone in getting more and more dependent on the information accessible online. This is why

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Achieving A Security Edge with SD-WAN

By Brett Lambing, Vice President of Global Sales Engineering at Cybera, Historically, enterprises have relied upon virtual private networks (VPNs) to control costs while connecting remote locations and/or for deploying


Are Shadow Cloud Services Undermining Your Security Efforts?

The Great Cloud Migration continues around the world, forging new pathways to digital transformation by way of data analytics, on-demand computing power, and agile scalability. If you’ve undertaken this journey,


Moving from traditional on-premise solutions to cloud-based security

In this Help Net Security podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2019, Gary Marsden, Senior Director, Data Protection Services at Gemalto, talks about the feedback they’re getting from the market and how Gemalto

IT Compliance Software

Software Compliance Risks in the Age of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a burgeoning change in the world of business and technology. Organizational leaders are piping with excitement at the wealth of opportunities to grow their business and seize


The impact of spear phishing on organizations and how to combat this growing threat

In this Help Net Security podcast, Scott Olson, the VP of Product Marketing at iovation, talks about the impact of spear phishing, and offers practical suggestions on how to prevent