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Organisations need a zero trust model for cyber security, Unisys survey finds

New research from Unisys Corporation found that IT professionals reported three incidents on average where sensitive information had been lost last year, with some respondents reporting 11 losses for the year. Respondents

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Why CIOs need to drive digital transformation

According to Gartner’s 2018 CEO survey, CIOs need to push executives towards digital change and then support them throughout the digital transformation journey. Indeed, the survey revealed that while 62

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Quantifying cyber exposure: Attackers are racing ahead

Cybercriminals have a median seven-day window of opportunity during which they can exploit a vulnerability to attack their victims, potentially siphoning sensitive data, launching ransomware attacks and causing extensive financial

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Retailers could increase annual revenue by as much as 5% by investing in cybersecurity measures that shoppers trust

A new report by Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute has revealed that cybersecurity is a new source of competitive advantage for retailers. It calls for more organizations to align cybersecurity policies


IoT Security: Growing Awareness About What Needs to be Done to Prevent the Next Attack

IoT technology has the potential to help companies reach the next stage in their digital transformation, but deploying this new tech without seriously considering how to ensure data security is


On-premise vs cloud – which rates as more secure?

In a world increasingly driven by cloud-based digital transformation, cybersecurity remains a stubborn roadblock. Although organisations increasingly understand their responsibilities, they’ve yet to take advantage of the native and cloud-ready


Redefining Cybersecurity Coverage to Reflect Next Generation Digital Transformation

The way analysts looked at the cybersecurity market five years ago is not the way they should be looking at it in 2018 and beyond. That’s the message from IDC’s

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IT audit best practices: Technological changes give rise to new risks

IT security and privacy, IT governance and risk management, regulatory compliance, emerging technology and cloud computing are the key issues impacting IT audit plans in 2018, according to a benchmarking


Why Multi-cloud Security Requires Rethinking Network

The Need to Rethink Security For Our Cloud Applications Has Become Urgent. Companies are utilizing the public cloud as their primary route to market for creating and delivering innovative applications.


‘Tapping’ the network for enhanced security

With digital transformation driving greater access services, productivity growth and enhanced public services, there is added pressure to protect against potential security breaches and optimize network uptime. What can governments