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Email scam attacks against healthcare targets see huge rise

Proofpoint finds a 300 per cent increase in such attacks this year. Healthcare has always been an industry of interest for cybercriminals, but a new Proofpoint report argues that the

Identity Theft

How data breaches forced Amazon to update S3 bucket security

Amazon launched its Simple Storage Service (better known as S3) back in 2006 as a platform for storing just about any type of data under the sun. Since then, S3


With the growing infrastructure, there’s a huge demand for cybersecurity in India: Stephan Neumeier

With the growth of IoT and 5G, we will have more and more digital devices being connected to the internet in the future. However, most of those devices will not


Taking Health Care Out of the Ransomware Hot Seat

For the second straight year, ransomware attacks accounted for over 70% of all malware incidents in the healthcare sector, according to the “2019 Verizon Breach Investigations Report.” Beazley reported that almost half


What are the cybersecurity challenges facing the healthcare sector?

The monetary value of PHI can be enormous. As a result, attackers are employing increasingly sophisticated techniques to gain access to patient health records.  Healthcare organisations are aware of the


Healthcare Cyber Security Market CAGR of 15.3% By 2023 Technology Status, Current Trends, Key Challenges, Top Key Players and Recent Growth in Health Science By Escalating Security Threats

The amplified demand for computer security is motivating the healthcare cyber security market. Reports that review the healthcare industry has been offered by Market Research Future, which generates reports on

Artificial Intelligence

How AI is revolutionising healthcare: 10 use cases of artificial intelligence in healthcare

The growth of artificial intelligence is evidential. Although we might see it, AI is truly changing our lives directly or indirectly, starting from its application in voice assistants such as


Healthcare’s blind spot: Unmanaged IoT and medical devices

From imaging to monitoring systems, infusion pumps to therapeutic lasers and life support machines, medical devices are used to improve and streamline patient care. Many of these are networked and

Artificial Intelligence

Crypto-attacks are rising in Asia – and cybersecurity AI may be the best way to fight the threat: Darktrace

Cybersecurity company Darktrace says crypto-attackers have turned to more sophisticated and highly personalised methods to siphon tokens from victims. In the realm of cryptocurrency, the dangers of clandestine cyber attacks


How well are healthcare organizations protecting patient information?

Healthcare organizations have high levels of confidence in their cybersecurity preparedness despite most of them using only basic user authentication methods in the face of an increasing number of patient