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Why hospitals are the next frontier of cybersecurity

Hospital cybersecurity is a pressing problem with unique challenges and incalculable stakes. The healthcare industry’s accelerating adoption of sophisticated networks, connected devices and digital records has revolutionized clinical operations and patient

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Healthcare Cybersecurity

The healthcare industry is one of the biggest targets for hackers and other bad actors, given the massive amount of personal data these organizations have in their possession and the

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The current state of cybersecurity in the connected hospital

Abbott and The Chertoff Group released a white paper that shares key findings from a recent study of 300 physicians and 100 hospital administrators on cybersecurity challenges in the hospital

Network Security

Let’s Not Run Before We Can Walk: Security As The First Step For Digitised Healthcare

The acceleration of electronic personal health information (ePHI), coupled with an increase in healthcare technology – from cloud-based applications to IoT-enabled devices to telemedicine – has paved the way for

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Center for Connected Medicine Polls Top Health Systems About 2019 Priorities

Cybersecurity is still the big one. But interoperability and telehealth are not far behind for leading organizations’ technology goals. The Center for Connected Medicine polled IT executives across 38 health


The Current State Of Cybersecurity Shows Now Is The Time For Zero Trust

These and many other fascinating findings are from Wipro’s State of Cybersecurity Report 2018. A copy of the report can be downloaded here (PDF, 96 pp., no opt-in). The study is based on

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Organizations want to threat hunt, but can’t due to lack of time, skills and visibility

As cybercriminals and nation-states continue to improve the sophistication of attacks that bypass traditional preventive defenses, organizations must evolve their security defenses to reduce dwell time. Fidelis Cybersecurity asked cybersecurity

IT Compliance

Industry Leaders Reaction On Healthcare.gov Data Breach

It has been reported that hackers breached the following. A HealthCare.gov sign-up system and have gotten their hands on the personal information of roughly 75,000 people. The system is named Federally Facilitated Exchanges

Industry Insights

Why Cyber-Criminals Are Attacking Healthcare — And How To Stop Them

The last five years has seen a surge of attacks on the healthcare industry, with the largest breaches impacting as many as 80 million people. In July this year, it


Isolated Recovery – Your Golden Ticket for Combatting Ransomware

By Bill Tolson, Vice President at  Archive360, Numerous organizations are currently reevaluating their data protection and security strategies given the number of ransomware attacks and security breaches that have continued