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Cybersecurity: How Secure is Your Security?

IP security cameras and other security devices are by their very nature connected to the internet. That’s what lets users access them remotely to check in on their business, and

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How cybersecurity accelerates business growth

It’s no secret that the cybersecurity industry has grown exponentially over more than a decade due to the proliferation of high-profile cybercrime. Viewing cybersecurity as simply a necessary step to mitigate cyber

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The Rise of the Security Developer

The cybersecurity industry is fast paced and exciting. Yet, it is still facing a massive skills shortage. According to the 2018 (ISC) Cybersecurity Workforce Study, there’s a shortfall of around 142,000

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CISO do’s and don’ts: Lessons learned

Keeping a business safe from cyber threats while allowing it to thrive is every CISO’s goal. The task is not easy: a CISO has to keep many balls in the air while

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SMBs show no improvement in IT maturity levels, security remains top concern

IT groups at small and midsize businesses (SMBs) show no improvement in IT maturity levels in three years, while security remains top concern, a Kaseya survey reveals. Based on input

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Cybersecurity issues can’t be solved by simply buying a product

Year after year, data breach losses continue to rise and the cybercrime economy continues to thrive. What is the cybersecurity industry doing wrong? If you ask Jeff Kohrman, the CEO of eCISO,

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Keeping Data Secure in the Oil and Gas Industry

As automation continues to evolve, the utilities sector is finding that encryption of their network data is a critical to safeguard against cyber-attacks. As organizations across the globe continue to

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New cyber security principles provide strategic guidance for government agencies

A significant revamp of a key cyber security document is designed to provide government agencies with strategic guidance on protecting their data. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), which is

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Cybersecurity in the age of the remote workforce

With the advent of cloud services and the proliferation of high end mobile devices (think iOS devices and Android phones), the workforce is moving inexorably to a mobile one where managers and