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Hyperconverged infrastructure – is healthcare ready?

In over 30 years of healthcare IT experience, there has been at least one constant: the need to deliver solutions quickly and more cost effectively.This requirement has only escalated over

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Why security by design and security DevOps are so critical to success

The advances made in technology throughout the past several decades have brought about an inevitable digital transformation, which companies are experiencing in today’s world. This transformation isn’t necessarily about the

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How to build a better CISO

The technology industry has long been categorized by its ability to transform at the blink of an eye. If you think back 20 years, the internet was just picking up

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The Power of Quantum: Reshaping the Cybersecurity Landscape

For some time now, science and IT communities have hailed quantum computing as a revolutionary force. With the potential to one day solve complex problems across industries, the power of


The cloud in 2019 – our predictions

“If I was to put money on what would be the biggest cloud trend for 2019, edge computing would be a sure bet. Companies have already started vying for early

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2019: The year Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning become critical to better retail decision-making

JoAnn Martin, VP Retail Strategy at JDA discusses how 2019 will be the year that AI and machine learning transforms outcomes for retailersToo often today, retail stores are caught between

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Strengthen Data Breach Defenses with Emulation Assessments

While cyber threats increase daily in volume and sophistication, data breach evaluation – an essential tool for validating the security of corporate and essential infrastructure – has lagged behind. This


Nine In Ten SMBs Suffering Wi-Fi Issues

Mesh Wi-Fi could solve their problems, but many businesses don’t know what that is. If your Wi-Fi has prevented you from getting your job done on at least one occasion,

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Should Government Officials Complete Basic Cyber Security Training?

Venafi announced the results of a survey of 515 IT security professionals’ views on the cyber security literacy of government officials. The survey was conducted August 4-9, 2018, at the

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Cyber Security Implementation: Firms Want It, But Less Do It, Finds Survey

Most respondents to a survey says cyber security implementation is critical, but only half think they are resilient enough to protect against cyber attacks. Despite 99% of respondents stating that