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Black Hat Survey Reveals Cyber Concerns

In advance of the 2019 Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Black Hat USA has released its latest report on the growing concerns of consumers. Based on survey responses from conference attendees,


A 13-year old hacker’s 3 top tips to beef up your cyber security

Reuben Paul looks like a regular 13-year old child, but don’t let that fool you. This hacking whiz kid delivered his first presentation at a hacker conference at the tender


Social Media Drives $3.2bn+ in Black Hat Profits

Social media platforms are a major conduit for malware and a highly effective marketplace for black hat resources, generating cybercrime worth over $3.2bn every year, according to Bromium. The security vendor’s


A Hackers Take On Blockchain Security

One of the leading factors of the blockchain—aside from the obvious decentralization—is the high level of security behind it. It’s not uncommon to hear people claim that it is “unhackable.”

Industry Insights

3 PR Tips to Grow Your Cybersecurity Business

Black hats, blue teams, red teams…the forces behind the cyber threats of today sound like GI Joe clashes or groups of X-wing fighter pilots in Star Wars. It’s no wonder,


Why data loss prevention is a throwback technology

Times are changing, and traditional cybersecurity tools are no longer enough to protect an organization’s assets. Black Hat 2018 may be behind us, but the trends, conversations and news coming


12% of Security Professionals Have Considered ‘Black Hat’ Activity

Numerous studies focus on aspects of cybercrime aftermath, such as a company’s lost reputation or its struggles to obtain future clients after incidents. However, Malwarebytes commissioned Osterman Research to determine the direct


Endpoint breach prevention by reducing attack surfaces

In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2018, Chris Carlson, VP of Product Management, Cloud Agent Platform at Qualys, talks about endpoint breach prevention by reducing attack surfaces. Here’s


White Hat to Black Hat: What Motivates the Switch to Cybercrime

Almost one in ten security pros in the US have considered black hat work, and experts believe many dabble in criminal activity for financial gain or employer retaliation. A new


Cyber security vulnerabilities: What’s causing them and what can be done?

Cyber vulnerabilities and attacks can occur for a variety of reasons.According to a recent study, based on the results of attendees at Black Hat USA 2018, infosec professionals cited cyber security