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DevSecOps process — why security needs to be at the heart of DevOps

Why stop at combining development and operations? Rusty Carter, VP product management at Arxan, believes organisations must add security to the equation to form DevSecOps. DevOps should become DevSecOps. While

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Cyber war is here, according to 87% of security professionals

A study from Venafi has concluded that the world is in the midst of a cyber war, with 72% of respondents believing nation-states have right to ‘hack back’ cybercriminals. The

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The Challenge of Real-Time Cyber Protection

There’s a huge imbalance between attackers and defenders when it comes to protecting the corporate network. Defenders must protect against a myriad of threats while an attacker only needs to


Can advancing cybersecurity techniques keep pace with new attack vectors in 2019?

A look back through a volatile 2018 has seen the cyber security landscape move towards an even more complex picture. This has been driven by the increased volume and diversity

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2019 Security And Defence Predictions

The things that have been holding back Russia, China, North Korea and Iran from a critical infrastructure attack on the U.S. could shift. When it comes to nation state threats on


AI in cyber security: a help or a hindrance?

AI has the possibility of being deployed by both sides: those looking to attack and those looking to defend.With a disappearing IT perimeter, a widening skills gap and the increasing sophistication

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Red-hot cyber: 5 cyber security startups next in line for the Unicorn Crown

Following the warning from MPs that the UK is ‘wholly’ unprepared to stop a devastating cyber attack, Information Age looks at the top cyber security start-ups. With big-tech companies looking


Cyberwarfare: the danger and potential answers

Following comments by, Nick Carter, Chief of the Defence Staff, the most senior uniformed military adviser to the Secretary of State for Defence and the Prime Minister, Information Age quizzed


Understanding the art of phishing

The goal is to trick the recipient into believing the email is genuine, with the intention of getting the target to either download malware, or hand over personal information.Using cyber-attacks


In Praise Of The Hackers

Buried treasure is not just the stuff of fiction and legend. For at least some of our ancestors, it was quite simply the most effective means of protecting prized possessions