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Building an effective cyber defence against polymorphic malware

Jan Van Vliet, VP and GM EMEA at Digital Guardian, goes through the best practices to protect against polymorphic malware.Recent research suggests as much as 97% of all malware infections


The evolution of DDoS attacks – and defences

In October 2016, a new method for distributing DoS attacks emerged – using a network of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to amplify attacks. What is the biggest cyber-threat to


Rethinking pen testing

Penetration testing is a valuable tool in any modern-day cybersecurity defender’s toolkit. But are current methods as effective as they can be? Ed Skoudis, Faculty Fellow and Penetration Testing Lead

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6 ways you are sabotaging your cyber defences

If we asked any of the IT departments that we deal on a daily basis about their current priorities, they would all unfailingly say that protecting their company against cyber


Cyber Smart Staff Are The First Line Of Defence

The City of London Police announced that they will be hiring a team of cyber detectives, amid growing concerns of cyber-attacks throughout London. While these detectives will no doubt be


Machines and Humans Team up for Cyber Security

By Anabel Cooper – Blogger, Machines and Humans Team up for Cyber Security When it comes to computing high volumes of mathematical calculations, there’s no way a human can compete


For enterprise cyber defence, there should be more than one solution

Enterprises face a dilemma when it comes to defence against today’s modern DDoS attacks: do they trust the surgical precision of an on-premise DDoS protection solution or go with a

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What is behind the decline in cyber crime victim rates?

Investors in cyber security companies will have been heartened in recent weeks by financial results showing growing demand for their technologies. Businesses have spent heavily on cyber security measures over

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Banking on security

In the age of the internet, security is not about being large and immovable, it’s about being nimble and fast-moving to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, practices, hacks and

Software Security

What is the best form of cyber defence?

Undoubtedly, the biggest threat that businesses have to deal with today is cyber-attacks. From having files and systems locked by ransomware, through to denial-of-service attacks bringing down entire services, there’s