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Are Lawyers the Best Judge of Cybersecurity?

I had to do a double-take when I read that Japan’s deputy chief of government cybersecurity strategy, Yoshitaka Sakurada said he has never used a computer. That pretty quickly became a

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Nervous about the Impending GDPR? Don’t Forget about the U.S. Laws & Regulations

By Bill Tolson, Vice President of Marketing at Archive360 Many high profile hacking cases have cropped up in the news of late, and for a good reason. Hundreds of millions

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Why Is Cybersecurity So Hard?

After nearly 20 years of trying and billions of dollars in investment, why are organizations are still struggling with cybersecurity? In fact, the problem seems to be getting worse, not

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The failure of EU’s regulation on cyber-surveillance tech exports – Help Net Security

When in April 2016 the Italian Ministry of Economical Progress revoked Hacking Team’s licence to export their Galileo remote control software outside of the EU, it seemed, at first glance,

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54% of Americans say existing cyber security laws aren’t getting the job done – Help Net Security

As President Trump and the new Congress stake out a 2017 agenda, Americans want to see a pressing need to modernize laws dealing with the digital economy and stepped up


Global data privacy laws: The #1 cross-border e-discovery challenge – Help Net Security

In the year since the EU’s rejection of Safe Harbor, there has been a spike in legal concern over cross-border data transfers, according to a survey by BDO Consulting. Sixty

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How businesses should prepare for China’s new Cyber Security Law

The Cyber Security Law is China’s first comprehensive regime on cyber security and it will impact all companies operating in China. The new law is substantially consistent with the drafts;

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2016 in review: White House prioritizes cybersecurity policy

Less than a year removed from the unsettling news of massive hacks at the Office of Personnel Management, the Obama administration made concerted efforts in early 2016 to shore up

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‘Meltdown’ over international cybersecurity agreement – Naked Security

How do you keep dangerous exploit software away from bad guys (and countries) and still let the good guys (security researchers, white-hat pentesters) have it when they need it? It’s

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Cybersecurity Training and Policies Are Useless If Ignored

There’s no question that there is a need for solid cybersecurity awareness training. Yet, how effective is it, really? A couple of studies I’ve seen recently make it seem like