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Cyber security is essential in protecting companies

As people and processes increasingly become dependent upon digital technology when it comes to business, it should come as no surprise that cyber security breaches have also risen Making staff

Industry Insights

Corporate Cyber Insurance Will Fuel Ransomware Growth in 2018 says WatchGuard

While the increasing number of publicly disclosed breaches and successful ransomware incidents are driving growth in cyber insurance, there is a risk that this will encourage criminals to target companies


Is corporate cyber insurance fueling ransomware growth?

As a range of cyber attacks continue to permeate business infrastructure across the world, ransomware stands out on top.’It is possible that paying ransoms will encourage this criminal business model


Many cyber insurance policies will leave business ransomware victims out of pocket

Businesses are being warned to carefully check their cyber insurance policies and their appropriateness as many do not provide important cover for common attacks, such as the damage to revenue

Identity Theft

The role of education in fighting security breaches [Q&A]

When securing systems most people’s thoughts turn to the technology of firewalls, anti-virus programs and so on. What’s often neglected is the human aspect.Many breaches are down to poor password

Vendor News

Survey highlights disconnect between security expectations and reality

A new survey of IT decision makers shows that 89 percent are confident their organizations are in a good position to protect themselves from attacks, but four out of 10

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Are you ready for your cyber insurance company to help guide your risk management program?

Cyber insurance companies don’t want their insurance to be a substitute for a good cybersecurity program.Many cyber risk management professionals across the world utilize frameworks such as NIST, ISO, ITIL

IT Compliance

The hidden opportunities in GDPR

With AI in the ascendancy, did Weatherspoons just throw the baby out with the bathwater? With scaremongering about GDPR in full swing, primarily around the potentially huge fines that could

Industry Insights

Cyberattacks Are Inevitable — Until We Stop Playing The Blame Game

As organizations around the world begin to take cybersecurity threats more seriously, large-scale attacks like the recent breach of a major credit reporting agency seem to be happening more frequently.

IT Compliance

Top Thoughts for GDPR Third-Party Management

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect in May 2018 and while global organizations are required to demonstrate compliance of their security and privacy practices, it