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2019 Predictions: Part Three

The end of the year has arrived, and so has the final instalment of our 2019 Predictions series. So far we’ve seen industry experts predict that rogue AI-driven chatbots, large

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Securing your company’s supply chain with objective information

By Ewen O’Brien, EMEA Director at  BitSight Understanding the risk posed by third- and fourth-party companies can help mitigate security problems In light of the almost daily news of companies

IT Compliance

Industry Leaders Reaction On Healthcare.gov Data Breach

It has been reported that hackers breached the following. A HealthCare.gov sign-up system and have gotten their hands on the personal information of roughly 75,000 people. The system is named Federally Facilitated Exchanges

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Cyber-Attack Inevitable, Businesses Not Prepared

As the cyber industry continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly difficult for organizations to stay ahead of the curve, making the ever-changing threat landscape a major concern for many businesses,

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Who is responsible for cyber security in the enterprise?

Uncertainty is widespread across companies over who takes the lead on cyber security, according to Willis Towers Watson. ‘Money alone won’t save a company; the organisational co-operation must match budget,

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There are no real shortcuts to most security problems

For Xerox Chief Information Security Officer Dr. Alissa Johnson, human ingenuity, partnerships and automation are the answer to most security problems the company has encountered and might yet encounter. “The

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62% of UK firms lack full cybersecurity insurance

The number of UK firms with cybersecurity insurance has risen in the past year — but less than half say their cyber insurance covers all risks. The second annual cybersecurity


Insurance firms should brace themselves for mobile attacks

Mobile devices are often the weakest link in an insurance company’s defenses. The rise in both data breaches and general security events has lead to new opportunities, as well as

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The Secret to Securing Smart Buildings

Buildings are getting smarter, and the pace at which intelligent technology is being introduced to our homes, offices and factory floors is breathtaking. The amount of money we collectively spend


Building a sound security strategy for an energy sector company

As more and more attacks against companies working in the energy sector become public, it is becoming increasingly clear that those systems are far from impermeable. And it’s not just state-sponsored attackers