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Cyber Security Live: Predict, protect and survive

Cyber security has long been at the top of pnst organisations’ agendas – and for good reason. In a data-driven world, fortunes rise or fall depending on how well core

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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Demand Planning

By Tarique- Senior Associate at  Credforce, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. It is creating a buzz in the industry with its arrival in recruitment and demand planning. Every sector today is


Why Prediction, And Not Detection, Is The Key To Reducing Email Risk

According to the Global Risk Report by the World Economic Forum, the threat of cyberattacks are now among the top three global fears identified by world economic leaders, along with natural

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Cybersecurity Prediction 2019: 40 Experts Views

Cyber Security Predictions 2019… Click here to view original webpage at www.informationsecuritybuzz.com

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Five Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019

2018 was another year of change in the cybersecurity industry. I’ve had some interesting conversations with customers, partners, providers and analysts over the past twelve months, and I’m excited about

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2019 predictions – the year ahead for cybersecurity

2018 was a roller-coaster year for the tech industry – lots of big court cases and high-profile data privacy disagreements.2018 was a roller-coaster year for the tech industry – lots


Email security predictions: What we can expect in 2019

2018 shed a lot of light on how expensive successful phishing attacks can be, with the FBI reporting in July well over $12B in financial losses due to business email compromise and

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Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure Poise to Reshape Cyber Landscape

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a marked shift in cyber-attacks. Traditionally, hackers have focused on theft; stealing data is easily monetizable, which meant that headline attacks

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Airbus CyberSecurity 2019 Predictions: The World Will See Its First Cybersecurity Treaty.

Extortion Attacks On OT And IIoT Infrastructure. Prediction: Critical Infrastructure Will Be Disrupted By A Major Extortion Attack. We’ve already seen extortion-driven attacks on infrastructure such as cities and ports,

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IT Security Predictions For 2019

Making predictions in the information security space is always an interesting yet challenging task. The very nature of cybersecurity, with the velocity of vulnerabilities and new threat actor coalitions along