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Election Infrastructure Remains Vulnerable to Attacks

As the race heats up and election day nears, a key component of the U.S. election infrastructure remains vulnerable to attack. Only five percent of the country’s largest counties are

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Microsoft Stops Cyber Attacks and Takes Down 50 Domains Operated By North Korean Hacking Group ‘Thallium’ 

Microsoft Corp said it has taken control of web domains operated by North Korean hacking group “Thallium” used in stealing sensitive information of users  based in the United States, as well

Hardware/Network Software

Could 2020 be the year of the cyber-vaccine?

Cyberattacks are an epidemic. But is technology nearing the point of total protection? It is the season of the common cold, but as IT professionals all over the UK battle


How to test employee cyber competence through pen-testing

Social engineering hacking preys on the vulnerabilities inherent in human psychology, so it’s vital for organizations to test employee cyber competence. Click here to view original webpage at www.helpnetsecurity.com

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Microsoft Warns of Spear Phishing Attacks, Shares Tips to Dodge Them

Microsoft today warned users of the dangers behind spear phishing attacks used by threat actors to target specific individuals, in their attempts to infect them with malware, harvest sensitive information,


When Dealing With The Phishing Threat, User Education Is Key

Email has become a crucial part of how organizations perform their day to day business. The average employee receives dozens of emails every day, and efficiently performing their job duties


Ten types of phishing attacks and phishing scams

Beware!! Phishing attacks are made by cybercriminals to grab sensitive information (i.e. banking information, credit card information, stealing of customer data and passwords) and misuse them. Click here to view


Researchers develop machine learning-based detector that stops lateral phishing attacks

Lateral phishing attacks – scams targeting users from compromised email accounts within an organization – are becoming an increasing concern in the U.S.Whereas in the past attackers would send phishing scams from


Healthcare organizations are battling phishing

(Reuters Health) – Many healthcare organizations remain vulnerable to phishing attacks, a new study finds. When researchers sent simulated phishing emails, nearly one in seven of the messages were clicked


How can healthcare organizations remedy their cybersecurity ailments?

Cybersecurity is a constant concern for healthcare organizations, and the previous 12 months have done little to quell anxieties. In 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for