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Healthcare organizations are battling phishing

(Reuters Health) – Many healthcare organizations remain vulnerable to phishing attacks, a new study finds. When researchers sent simulated phishing emails, nearly one in seven of the messages were clicked


How can healthcare organizations remedy their cybersecurity ailments?

Cybersecurity is a constant concern for healthcare organizations, and the previous 12 months have done little to quell anxieties. In 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for

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Email Attacks Increasingly Using Compromised Accounts

Hackers are realising that it’s easier to defraud someone if you’re using a legitimate email address, rather than creating one yourself. With that in mind, they’re increasingly using compromised emails


Healthcare Cybersecurity Preparedness Tops HHS Priority List

Recently, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (“HHS”) issued guidance for healthcare cybersecurity best practices.  As required under the Cybersecurity Act (CSA) of 2015, this four-part guidance was generated by a Task

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Infamous Russian Hacking Group Used New Trojan in Recent Attacks

A well known Russian state-sponsored cyber-espionage group has used a new Trojan as a secondary payload in recent attacks targeting government entities around the globe, Palo Alto Networks reports.  Also


How To Spot A Phishing Email

Phishing emails are the most common way for criminals to distribute malicious software or obtain sensitive information. Is your business safe from these attacks? We have some tips that you


How To Survive A Ransomware Attack — And Not Get Hit Again

Made famous by the WannaCry attack that hit the NHS in 2017, ransomware is still hitting business.  According to security research firm Symantec, infections have steadily increased every year since


Spam still the most common cyber crime technique, according to recent research

According to a recent study by cyber security firms F-Secure and MWR InfoSecurity, spam remains the first choice for malware implementation. Spam remains popular among cyber criminals 40 years after

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Government bodies are at risk online

Hackers that target the government are interested in much more than just making a few bucks.It’s a statement that’s true for a lot of industries, but it’s different for the


Email-Based Attacks a Growing Risk

Human beings have long been the weakest link in an organization’s security chain, largely because they so often fall victim to phishing campaigns, and a new report from Mimecast, State of Email